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Quote from Ted in Drumroll, Please

Victoria: I should tell you, I have a rule. I never hook up at weddings.
Ted: I'm guessing you haven't always had this rule.
Victoria: Well, here's the thing. Those big romantic moments, they're great when they happen, but they're not real.
Ted: Exactly. Exactly, like, like just now, when I saw you doing the chicken dance out there, I'm not gonna lie to you, big time thunderbolt.
Victoria: You should see me tap-dance. You'd be down on bended knee.
Ted: Sadly not out of character. But I know now it's just a mirage.
Victoria: Wedding goggles.
Ted: Exactly. And that, in a nutshell, is why I'm not putting the moves on you.
Victoria: This isn't the moves?
Ted: What, you think this is the moves? Believe me, you'd know the moves. People ten tables away would know the moves.
Victoria: That's too bad.
Ted: Tell me about it.

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