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Quote from Tim in High School Confidential

Tim: Now, we finished our frame and we're gonna attach it to the headboard.
Al: And to form our design, we'll be using the Binford 6100 bender.
Tim: Al, do you suppose you call this a bender because it's been partying all weekend? Party! Ow! Ow!
Al: I don't think so, Tim. The bender allows us to form our headboard into any manly pattern that we choose.
Tim: A moose, a beer mug, jockstrap. A moose holding a beer mug, wearing a jockstrap.
Al: We've chosen...
Tim: Doesn't matter what we've chosen. Let's face it, men - no matter what design we put on the bed, once your wife gets a hold of it, it will look like this... Men, it's time we fight back. We've got to de-frill, de-lace, de-froufrou de bedroom.
Al: That's why, next time on Tool Time, we'll show you how a man designs his sleeping quarters and why it's called...
Both: The master bedroom.

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