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Quote from Michel in A Messenger, Nothing More

Lorelai: Um, what are you doing?
Michel: Hiding.
Lorelai: From me?
Michel: No.
Lorelai: From?
Michel: Suffice to say, my hiding is not costing the inn any income. In fact, I'm overdue for my 10. So consider this my 10, and you are now conducting business with an employee who is officially on his 10, which is in direct violation of union rules.
Lorelai: You're not in a union.
Michel: I'm in a union of oppressed Frenchmen.
Lorelai: Oh, the U.O.F. Got it. All right. Carry on.


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Quote from Rory

Rory: [on the phone] I was at the corner of Bark and Cheese today.
Lorelai: Bark and Cheese? Really?
Rory: And it's exactly the same.
Lorelai: Exactly the same? Was there a tiny, little Italian dog in a basket barking the whole time you were there?
Rory: Not this time, but I definitely had flashbacks.
Lorelai: And did you have a nice piece of cheese with your coffee?
Rory: I still say I said the correct word for "cream" in Italian. I even pointed at my coffee when I asked for it. How could I be asking for cheese?
Lorelai: But cheese you were brought.
Rory: Stinky cheese. The worst, don't forget.
Lorelai: That you proceeded to eat.
Rory: Because I hate people who make mistakes when they order, especially in a foreign country, and then make a big to-do when they get the wrong thing. Ugly Americans. Yuck.
Lorelai: Aha! You admit it was a mistake. You did say "cheese."
Rory: I know French, a bit of Spanish, but my Italian, not so good.
Lorelai: Being trilingual is plenty for a young lady.

Quote from Michel

Michel: It is not my job to entertain little people.

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Quote from Welcome to the Doll House

Lorelai: Where is all this stupid stuff coming from?
Michel: Looks like classic Home Shopping Channel merchandise to me.
Lorelai: I have not bought anything off the Home Shopping Channel.
Michel: That you remember.
Lorelai: How could I not remember?
Michel: You could be deluding yourself, suppressing a shameful, costly, and yes, extremely tacky shopping addiction from your memory.
Lorelai: I do not have a Home Shopping Channel addiction. This does look familiar, like I've seen it before.
Michel: Mmm-hmm. And was Joan Rivers or Suzanne Somers holding it up?
Lorelai: I'm not buying these things.
Michel: You keep telling yourself that.

Quote from Super Cool Party People

Lorelai: Is that our website?
Michel: It is.
Lorelai: What happened to it?
Michel: I made some modifications.
Lorelai: It's just a big picture of you.
Michel: Well, I figured since I'm the one who put the website together and I'm the one continuously updating the website, then I should be featured prominently on the website.
Lorelai: Featured? Sure. But where's the inn? All I see is your face.
Michel: Aha! But if you want to hear about the inn, you click on my mouth. See? And if you want pictures of the inn, you click on my eyes. And if you want to post something about the inn, you click on my ears. Clever, no?
Lorelai: You want to argue about this now or later?
Michel: Eh, later. I'm having too much fun.