Lorelai Quote #505

Quote from Lorelai in Red Light on the Wedding Night

Rory: I can't believe school's already starting.
Lorelai: ugh, I used to hate school starting. I once flipped the pages back on my mom's calendar and tried to convince her it was June and not September.
Rory: Didn't work?
Lorelai: Hmm. Oddly enough.


 ‘Red Light on the Wedding Night’ Quotes

Quote from Emily

Emily: You know, I can't believe it was 34 years ago that I married Richard. I remember it so distinctly.
Sookie: Ooh, there's going to be a romantic story.
Emily: My stomach was not my friend. It was full of butterflies, I couldn't eat a bite the whole week.
Lorelai: Hmm. What a bummer.
Emily: I was actually weak in the knees, trembling all the time.
Rory: Really?
Emily: When I wasn't actually with Richard, I was thinking about him constantly. Imagining what he was doing, was he thinking about me, making up little scenarios in my head about how we'd run into each other accidentally at the club and he would be playing golf, and I would walk by and he would be so distracted that he'd completely miss the ball. [chuckles] Silly.
Sookie: It's sweet.
Emily: I was in love.
Michel: It is wonderful to be in love.
Emily: But the thing I remember most was that for the entire week before my wedding, I'd wait till my mother went to sleep, and I'd sneak out of bed and I'd put on my wedding dress and my tiara and my gloves and I would stare at myself in the mirror and think how very safe I felt, how very right and wise and honored. This is a very good drink. I highly recommend it.

Quote from Dean

Dean: Their eating habits are just the start of what you have to get used to. There's tons of stuff you should be aware of.
Max Medina: Really?
Dean: Oh, yeah. Like, don't ever use the last of the Parmesan cheese. And never get into a heavy discussion late at night 'cause that's when they're at their crankiest. And, uh, go with their bits.
Max Medina: Their bits?
Dean: Yes, like if you're eating pizza with them, and Lorelai decides that the pepperoni is angry at the mushrooms because they have an attitude and then she holds up a pepperoni and the pepperoni asks for your opinion... don't just laugh. Answer the pepperoni.
Max Medina: Answer the pepperoni.
Dean: And don't let them near puppies, they'll want every one.
Max Medina: That one I knew.
Dean: Oh, and here's a big one. If you ever think that they're doing something crazy, they're not. You see, after a while, their thinking becomes clear, but by the time it's clear they've done two other crazy things that you can't figure out. So there's no catching up.
Max Medina: You have much knowledge.
Dean: You got that from Rory.

Quote from Lorelai

Rory: I printed up some sample invitations for you. I made them on my computer. All you have to do is pick out a quote for the front page and I'll print them up.
Lorelai: Okay. Um... "What is love? It is the morning and the evening star." Ugh.
Rory: Sinclair Lewis.
Lorelai: Sinclair 'Sappy' Lewis.
Rory: Fine, next.
Lorelai: "And all went merry as a marriage bell. But hush! Hark! A deep sound strikes like a rising knell!" What is it with poetry?
Rory: Lord Byron.
Lorelai: Byron and Lewis, together again.
Rory: Okay, last one.
Lorelai: "We have buried the putrid corpse of liberty." Perfect.
Rory: Mussolini it is.