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Quote from Rory in Introducing Lorelai Planetarium

Hugo: So, what kind of pieces you write at Yale?
Rory: A little bit of everything. That's the great thing about being editor, you can pretty much give yourself the best pieces. I got to interview Barack Obama a couple weeks ago. He came to speak at campus.
Hugo: Really? Did you ask your buddy Barack if he's gonna run in 2008?
Rory: What kind of journalist would I be if I didn't?
Hugo: And?
Rory: Standard answer, "no current plans." But I saw a twinkle in his eye.
Hugo: Well, you can't quote a twinkle.
Rory: But you can describe it.


 ‘Introducing Lorelai Planetarium’ Quotes

Quote from Lorelai

Christopher: You know what else might work? One of those electronic fish. What do they call it? The Big-Mouth Billy Bass. You know what they are, right? When somebody walks by, they flap their mouths and sing songs like "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and "Take Me to the River."
Lorelai: You're kidding.
Christopher: I'm totally kidding, except for the flat-screen. We need a flat-screen.
Lorelai: No, I'd rather have the Big-Mouth Billy Bass Fish.
Christopher: What's wrong with the flat-screen?
Lorelai: It's so "meet George Jetson, his boy, Elroy". Leroy?
Christopher: Elroy. And it's not.

Quote from Rory

Logan: Where do you get off acting all morally superior?
Rory: That is not what I intended to say at all.
Logan: You clearly think you are. Why? Because you read Ironweed? 'Cause you saw Norma Rae? Wake up, whether you like it or not, you're one of us. You went to prep school. You go to Yale. Your grandparents are building a whole damn astronomy building in your name.
Rory: That is different, okay? It's not like I live off a $5-million trust fund my parents set up for me.
Logan: Yeah, well, you're not exactly paying rent, either.
Rory: Screw you, Logan.

Quote from Lorelai

Rory: Hey, you didn't take Dad's name, did you?
Lorelai: No. No. "Hayden"? No. I don't want to be Mrs. Hayden planetarium for the rest of my life. I'm Lorelai Gilmore, okay? Lorelai Gilmore without the "Gilmore" is like Gil, you know, less.