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Quote from Sookie in Always a Godmother, Never a God

Jackson: Sookie, look at the baptism as a bargaining chip. If we give my mother this, then it'll soften the blow when she finds out that we're not having any more children because of the vasectomy.
Sookie: They'll want to stay at the house if we have this baptism. Your whole family.
Jackson: We'll just have to make room.
Sookie: How? The house is barely big enough for us and the kids. I mean, we'll end up sleeping on a leaky air mattress in the kids' room and getting horrible creaks in our neck while your mother blasts her Flatt and Scruggs CD. And your cousins are gonna be picking their teeth with my Rada paring knives.
Jackson: Oh, like your family is so easy! What about the time we had to see your stuttering cousin Odell in the worst production of Nicholas Nickleby known to man?! That was like nine hours of pure hell! And did I get to fake a heart attack during intermission? No.
Sookie: I'm sorry. There is a difference between nine hours and three full days. There's 48 hours plus 24, whatever that is, minus 9 hours. What does that equal? 40, so that's... 8 and 4 and that's 2 and 10 over.
Lorelai: Whoa! Whoa! Sookie, don't do math. You know that hurts your head.

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