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Quote from Lane in One's Got Class and the Other One Dyes

Rory: Lane, think about this for a second, at least.
Lane: Rory, I've been thinking about this my whole life. Nothing's gonna change unless I change it, and now's the time. I need to make a clear statement, one I can't go back on or chicken out on, one that everyone can see. And this is my instrument, it says "This is me, this is Lane Kim."
Rory: That is you, it's black hair dye.
Lane: This is merely a prop until we find my true color. Now, what do you think? Pink? Or is that too Pink the singer and Kelly Osbourne and Gwen Stefani... man, there's a lot of cheese associated with the color pink. Okay, pink's out. There... there's blue. What about blue?
Rory: Blue's probably not right for your skin tone, and I agree with you about pink. What about purple?
Lane: Yes, purple, you're brilliant.

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