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Quote from Rory in That Damn Donna Reed

Rory: It's not just that. It's- It's the having to have the dinner on the table as soon as the husband gets home and having to look perfect to do housework and the whole concept that her one point in life is to serve somebody else.
Dean: Fine. Yes, but maybe there are two points of view here.
Rory: I don't think so.
Dean: Well, you feel that way because your mother feels that way.
Rory: Oh, what, so I have no opinions of my own?
Dean: I didn't mean that.
Rory: Well, I guess if I have no opinions of my own, then I'd be just the kind of girl you like.
Dean: Rory. My mom made dinner for my dad every day before she started working. And now she even does it on the weekends. So what does that say about her?
Rory: It says she has a choice and Donna Reed didn't.
Dean: You do realize that Donna Reed wasn't real, don't you?
Rory: Yes, I know that she wasn't real, but she represented millions of women that were real and did have to dress and act like that...
Dean: Please tell me how we began arguing about The Donna Reed Show.
Rory: I don't know.

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