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Quote from Rory in Happy Birthday, Baby

Rory: Okay, so, Monday I thought we'd start with facials at Sloopy's after school.
Lorelai: Mudpack Monday, I love it.
Rory: Then we'll have double feature Tuesday, Sephora Wednesday, complimentary makeover Thursday, and then, big fat fabulous Friday.
Lorelai: D-day!
Rory: BD-day!
Lorelai: Culminating in the fabulous blowout of a party you're planning.
Rory: Oh, I'm sorry, you wanted a party? I told everyone you didn't wanna make a big deal out of your birthday this year.
Lorelai: You're not funny.
Rory: Miss Patty and Babette wanted to hire these two hot guys to carry you around all day and feed you Bon-Bons, and Kirk wanted to hire the Red Hot Chili Peppers to play a concert in the square, but I said, "Hey, please respect the lady's wishes. She deserves that at her age."

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