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Quote from Rory in Driving Miss Gilmore

Rory: I could kill him!
Logan: You'd have to get in a very long line.
Rory: The man should be drawn and quartered.
Logan: There's no fast pass for the line either. You just have to get in there and wait.
Rory: Quartering's too good for him. He should be eighthed, sixteenthed.
Logan: I don't know. You quarter a guy, he's in four pieces. That's tough to recover from.
Rory: He should be stretched on a rack, Iron Maiden strappadoed.
Logan: Oh, my God. What is strappadoed?
Rory: When you suspend him in the air with a rope tied to his hands that are tied behind his back.
Logan: You're scaring me with your knowledge of torture.
Rory: I did a paper on the attorney general. It comes with the territory.
Logan: Life in modern America?

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