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Quote from Lane in The Perfect Dress

Mrs. Kim: Look. Woman come in here. Tell me this is full set of 1950s milk glass. Does she think my mother dropped me on my head when I'm a baby? I know Nigella Lawson when I see it.
Lane: I'm going upstairs.
Mrs. Kim: Wait. Talk. How was work?
Lane: I handed people food for 6 1/2 hours. It's every little girl's dream.
Mrs. Kim: I'm making kimchi dumplings tonight.
Lane: I smell like burgers and fries, so I'll have to shower.
Mrs. Kim: Okay.
Lane: Which means I won't be ready for dinner for at least 45 minutes.
Mrs. Kim: Fine. I need to make the dumplings. Dumplings don't make themselves.
Lane: And you might want to put on your Korean television show. Because I'm gonna listen to music, and it's gonna be music you don't approve of. But I'm 21 now, so I'll listen to the music that I like when I like, and that's just the way it's gonna be.

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