Jack Geller Quote #62

Quote from Jack Geller in The One with the Cake

Joey: Hey, Mr. and Mrs. Geller. Let me help you with that.
Jack Geller: Thank you.
Joey: Oh, man, this is great, huh? The three of us together again. You know what would be fun? If we gave this present to Emma from all of us.
Jack Geller: Which one are you?


 ‘The One with the Cake’ Quotes

Quote from Jack Geller

Judy Geller: Well, we'd better get going. It's late. Jack's not allowed to drive at night any more. He has trouble staying in his lane.
Jack Geller: Last winter, I went up on a church lawn and drove right through a manger scene. The papers thought it was a hate crime.

Quote from Judy Geller

Jack Geller: I can't believe Emma's already one.
Judy Geller: I remember your first birthday. Ross was jealous of all the attention we were giving you. He pulled on his testicles so hard we had to take him to the emergency room.
Ross: There's something you didn't know about your dad.

Quote from Judy Geller

Judy Geller: Hello, Emma. Happy 18th birthday.
Jack Geller: Right now, that seems so far away. Seventeen years.
Judy Geller: Yes. You'll be all grown up by then, and we'll be- Well, your grandfather and I might not be here.
Jack Geller: That's true. This message could be coming to you from beyond the grave, Emma.
Judy Geller: After all, my parents died very young.
Jack Geller: And my cholesterol's off the charts.
Judy Geller: Remember, Emma, heart disease kills women too.