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Quote from Ross in The One with the Holiday Armadillo

Ross: Okay, Ben. Santa has to go. Say goodbye.
Ben: No, why does he have to go?
Chandler: Because if Santa and the Holiday ... Armadillo are ever in the same room for too long the universe will implode! Merry Christmas!
Ben: No, why can't the armadillo leave? I want Santa.
Ross: Fine, I give up. Santa- Santa can stay!
Chandler: Well, I'll stay but only because I want to hear about Hanukkah. Ben, will you sit here with Santa and learn about Hanukkah?
Ben: Okay, Santa.
Ross: Thank you.
Chandler: You're welcome.
Ross: All right, it's time for the story of Hanukkah. Years and years ago there were these people called the Maccabees!-
Joey: Merry Christmas!

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