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Quote from Monica in The One with the Stoned Guy

Rachel: Excuse me. Can I help you with anything?
Monica: You know, I don't know what I'm looking for.
[Rachel mimes a guy smoking a joint]
Steve: Cool! Taco shells! You, these are like a little corn envelope, you know?
Monica: You don't wanna spoil your appetite.
Steve: Hey, Sugar-O's!
Monica: You know, if you just wait another 6 1 /2 minutes-
Steve: Oh, Macaroni and cheese! We gotta make this!
Monica: No, we don't.
Steve: Oh, okay. [drops it, grabs a bag of gummy bears] Sorry.
Monica: Why don't you just have a seat here? Okay. Okay, give me the gummy bears.
Steve: No.
Monica: Give them to me.
Steve: Okay, we'll share.
Monica: No. Give me the bears.
Steve: Well then you can't have any. [the bag splits] Oh, bears overboard! They're drowning! Hey, fellas, grab onto a Sugar-O! Save yourselves! Help! Help, I'm drowning!

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