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Quote from Niles in To Tell the Truth

Donny: Yes, I think we now have what's known in the legal profession as a bargaining chip.
Niles: Oh, are you kidding? She'd give anything to keep this quiet.
Donny: All right, let me go talk to Maris's lawyers.
Niles: No, no, no. There's some news you want to deliver yourself. [picks up the phone] May I?
Donny: Absolutely.
Niles: [on the phone] Hello, Marta, I'd like to speak to Maris. Oh, why not? Ah. [to Donny] She's in the final level of her guru serenity training, the week-long vow of silence, day six. [on the phone] No, no, Marta, that's all right. She doesn't have to come to the phone. Just give her this message. I've flushed out her family secret. Hel-looooo, Maris!

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