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Quote from Niles in Bristle While You Work (Part 1)

Niles: [v.o.] I can't believe this is happening. After all those misspent years of frustration and yearning, I finally find the fulfillment of my dreams only to have it snatched away. Look at her. She's so beautiful, so perfect. She deserves nothing but happiness. I hope, when I'm gone, she's able to make a life with someone else. After a suitable period of mourning, of course.
Daphne: Niles?
Niles: Yes, my love?
Daphne: When are you going to change the paper in the bottom of the bird cage, hmm? I've asked you three times already.
Niles: Soon as I get back.
Niles: [v.o.] Maybe when I'm gone, Her Majesty can muck out her own birdcage.

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