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Quote from Niles in High Crane Drifter

Niles: I know exactly how you feel. This morning, I discovered a ding in the door of my car.
Frasier: Let me guess. No note on the windshield?
Niles: No. And even worse, after I'd left the car off at the body shop, the rental agency didn't have a single luxury car left. They stuck me with some vehicle I believe they call a Hunchback.
Frasier: No. I think that would be a hatchback, Niles.
Niles: It's painted panic-button red, with a large rear window that pops open.
Frasier: Oh, that would be the hatchback.
Niles: Well, there's a novel idea: name the car after its most hideous feature. I presume it was a toss-up between "Hatchback" and "What's that odor coming from the floor?"

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