Pat Quote #29

Quote from Pat in Pat's Secret

Robert: Oh, hi. Is everything all right? [Pat nods her head] What, can't sleep? [Pat shakes her head] Yeah, me neither.
[Pat finally breathes and lets out a puff of smoke]
Pat: Your mom's cacciatore was very spicy.
Robert: Wow!
Pat: Oh, Robert, please don't tell anyone I smoke.
Robert: No, no, I won't.
Pat: It's my dirty little secret. I don't smoke a lot, just three a day. I've tried to quit but they're so...
Robert: Addictive.
Pat: I was gonna say "wonderfully relaxing."


 ‘Pat's Secret’ Quotes

Quote from Hank

Hank: I like to blow up fireworks.
Pat: What are you saying, Hank?
Hank: That's right. Do you think you're easy to live with all the time, Pat? So skittish and faint-hearted and "Oh, my"? And last year, I caught a student with fireworks and they were still in my briefcase when I got home. You were on the couch, recuperating from your trip to the grocery store. I wanted to tell you to just get over it, but instead, I took the fireworks into the woods and I blew them up. And I liked it. So I got more. I had to drive to West Virginia. But it feels good to be able to really make some gosh darn noise.
Pat: So when you go on your nature walks?
Hank: That's right. I blow up nature. Boom!

Quote from Marie

Robert: All right. There was this new guy at work who smokes, and he's... And he's really popular, and I just wanted to fit in. But I didn't even like it. It made me throw up.
Marie: No more lying. You're a smoker!
Hank: Is everything all right?
Marie: Everything's horrible! Robert smokes!
Hank: No!
Marie: Don't you know that smoking can stunt your growth?

Quote from Pat

Robert: So, no one knows? Not Hank?
Pat: Oh, goodness, no.
Robert: Not even Raymond?
Pat: No. [Robert smiles]
Robert: So, if you don't mind me asking, how have you been able to keep it hidden?
Pat: It's not easy. I buy my cigarettes two counties over where no one knows me.
Robert: But you never smell like smoke.
Pat: I only smoke outside. I hold it downwind and I always have plenty of minty chewing gum. In fact, Hank thinks gum-chewing is my bad habit.