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Quote from Marie in Grandpa Steals

Ray: All right, look, Dad. We think you should know that Ally was kind of upset about what happened with the guy at the market.
Frank: Okay. Turn the TV back on.
Marie: Wait a second. What happened?
Frank: Aw, the jackass fruit guy accused me of stealing.
Marie: Frank, please! They're homosexuals.


 ‘Grandpa Steals’ Quotes

Quote from Frank

Jimmy: Excuse me. No free sampling.
Frank: I'm not sampling. I've had this before.
Jimmy: Yeah, right. Well, it's not a snack bar.
Frank: Relax, pal, I just took a little.
Jimmy: Yeah, well, if everybody steals a little, the store goes a little bit out of business.
Frank: What, are you calling me a thief?
Jimmy: Only 'cause you're taking something without paying for it.
Frank: How much did I take, a nickel's worth? Here. Here's a quarter. Keep the change.
Jimmy: Don't throw money at me.
Frank: Oh, yeah? What are you gonna do?
Ray: Let's go, Dad. Sorry, I'm real sorry.
Frank: Hey, don't apologize for me. He's the one blowing a gasket over a handful of birdseed.
Jimmy: It's called stealing, cue ball!
Frank: I got hair, porky! Hey, don't turn your back on me, I'm standing right here.

Quote from Robert

Debra: Well, somebody needs to straighten him out.
Marie: No, leave him. He'll watch television, then I'll take him home, make some cannelloni, he'll burp, and he'll feel better.
Debra: You're an enabler. You're actually rewarding his horrible behavior with Italian food.
Robert: That's exactly how the mafia works.

Quote from Robert

Debra: So Ally saw your father steal food and then watched him make a big scene in public.
Robert: Ah, her first time. The rite of passage. I remember mine the New York State Thruway, Dad throwing pennies at the toll collector.
Ray: Yeah. This time he threw a quarter.
Robert: Inflation.