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Quote from Marie in Debra's Sick

Marie: I don't understand how the children got so sick. I mean, you do put coats on them, don't you?
Debra: No, Marie, I send them out straight from the tub, buck-naked. Yes, of course they wear coats.
Marie: What coats?
Debra: The coats that you bought them.
Marie: I never see them wearing them. Now, I know you never liked those coats. But I don't think it's worth endangering your children's health just to send me a message.
Debra: They wear the coats. [coughs]
Marie: You know, they're very expensive coats.
Debra: They're good. They're good, warm coats.
Marie: You're just saying that to make me feel better. I bought bad coats.
Debra: No, they're- They're fine, Marie. I just need to rest now.
Marie: Now, here. Blow. You know, I bought those coats from Frank's friend, Leon. He said it was a deal. That crook. He sold me paper coats. If I can just make it to the phone. I should never listen to Frank. "Buy from Leon," he said. "Leon has quality merchandise." What he doesn't say is that Leon wants to kill my grandchildren.

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