Marie Quote #51

Quote from Marie in Debra's Sick

Marie: I don't understand how the children got so sick. I mean, you do put coats on them, don't you?
Debra: No, Marie, I send them out straight from the tub, buck-naked. Yes, of course they wear coats.
Marie: What coats?
Debra: The coats that you bought them.
Marie: I never see them wearing them. Now, I know you never liked those coats. But I don't think it's worth endangering your children's health just to send me a message.
Debra: They wear the coats. [coughs]
Marie: You know, they're very expensive coats.
Debra: They're good. They're good, warm coats.
Marie: You're just saying that to make me feel better. I bought bad coats.
Debra: No, they're- They're fine, Marie. I just need to rest now.
Marie: Now, here. Blow. You know, I bought those coats from Frank's friend, Leon. He said it was a deal. That crook. He sold me paper coats. If I can just make it to the phone. I should never listen to Frank. "Buy from Leon," he said. "Leon has quality merchandise." What he doesn't say is that Leon wants to kill my grandchildren.


 ‘Debra's Sick’ Quotes

Quote from Frank

Marie: Feeling better, honey?
Debra: Yeah, you know, I think that garlic actually helped. To tell you the truth, I thought that was an old wives' tale.
Frank: Look who you're talking to.

Quote from Ray

Marie: Michael's hot, too.
Debra: What?
Marie: That's what comes from vitamins shaped like cartoon characters.
Ray: Geoffrey's fine.
Marie: No, that's not how you do it. Let me see the baby. [kisses Geoffrey's forehead] Yeah. He's fine. Now, you have to take Michael and Ally to the doctor right now. And I'll stay here with Debra and Geoffrey.
Debra: No, no, no, no. Don't do that. I don't want you... getting sick.
Marie: I don't get sick, dear.
Ray: Mom's more of a carrier.

Quote from Ray

Ray: I'm glad we finally got some time to do this. I know we've both been very busy. Okay, so tell me of all the places you've played where would you say is your favorite?
Ally: In my room.
Ray: Okay. Have you ever seen Mommy kiss the cable man?