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Quote from Debra in Mother's Day

Debra: Hi, Marie.
Marie: I just brought Hilda and Artie over 'cause I wanted them to see the kids do their "knock, knock" joke.
Artie: We hear it's a hoot!
Debra: Now's not the best time, I'm trying' to get 'em upstairs.
Marie: Michael, "Knock, knock". Honey, let Michael say "Knock, knock."
Michael: Knock, knock! Knock, knock!
Debra: No "knock, knock" jokes right now, we're going' upstairs.
Marie: "Orange." Debra, say "orange."
Debra: Marie, please stop! We are not telling "knock, knock" jokes right now! We are going upstairs for our baths. All right? Thank you. Let's go. Come on. [goes upstairs with the kids]
Marie: ... Well.

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