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Quote from Frank in The Disciplinarian

Robert: Except that Ray would come home at 9:00, wait for you to fall asleep, and then sneak back out.
Marie: Raymond, is that true?
Frank: No, it is not true, Marie. It is manure.
Robert: And he would always brag that he had the stairs memorized. You know, which ones would squeak, which didn't. And once he got down 'em, it was out the door for another night of bad judgment and questionable behavior.
Frank: Baloney! Ray knew what would happen if he blinked without my permission. I had him shivering in his boots. He knew if he lived in my house, he lived by my rules. Sneak out! Ha!
Ray: Actually, Dad, with your snoring, I could have marched out of there blowing a trumpet.
Frank: You little punk!

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