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Quote from Frank in The Kicker

Robert: Well, we had seats behind the end zone, and Dad got lucky.
Frank: Luck is the residue of design.
Ray: What?
Frank: Shut up. You should've seen it. It was a rocket. I got my hands ready for it.
Robert: By dumping his nachos somewhere.
Frank: It came towards me everyone was trying to get their mitts on it, but I put the moves on all of them. I jumped over a guy.
Robert: You pushed a kid outta the way.
Frank: I jumped over a guy. It was coming in high, I had to stretch for it. I could get only one hand on it, but that was enough. I brought that piggy right down into my chest. "Hello, little piggy."
Robert: And then he went, "Whee-whee-whee," all the way home.
Frank: It was the biggest moment ever in Hofstra history, and I have it. You should have heard the crowd chanting for me.
Robert: "Give it back, jerk! Give it back, jerk!"
Frank: And booing.

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