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Quote from Debra in Getting Even

Debra: Don't feel that way.
Ray: Well, don't tell me how to feel!
Debra: And there it is.
Ray: Huh?
Debra: I'll just give you a moment to put it together. After the auction, Ray, when I was feeling embarrassed and humiliated, didn't you say the same thing to me? "Don't feel that way." Remember that?
Ray: I do remember that. Because that's when you started torturing me. Oh, oh. So you didn't do anything? You let me do this to myself? All week long I could have had soda? I could have had brownies? I could have worn underwear? So it was all me? That's how you got me?
Debra: Nothing I could think of could screw you up more than what's already in that beautiful mind. Good night, Ray.

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