Debra Quote #166

Quote from Debra in Getting Even

Debra: Don't feel that way.
Ray: Well, don't tell me how to feel!
Debra: And there it is.
Ray: Huh?
Debra: I'll just give you a moment to put it together. After the auction, Ray, when I was feeling embarrassed and humiliated, didn't you say the same thing to me? "Don't feel that way." Remember that?
Ray: I do remember that. Because that's when you started torturing me. Oh, oh. So you didn't do anything? You let me do this to myself? All week long I could have had soda? I could have had brownies? I could have worn underwear? So it was all me? That's how you got me?
Debra: Nothing I could think of could screw you up more than what's already in that beautiful mind. Good night, Ray.


 ‘Getting Even’ Quotes

Quote from Ray

Ray: Come on. You know, they say couples shouldn't go to bed angry.
Debra: I'm not angry anymore, Ray. Good night.
Ray: Look, you're not angry anymore? I might not believe you. You might have to prove that. Oh, okay. I see. That's how you're gonna get me, holding back sex? Oh, how original. You think that's gonna get me? I'm a sex camel. Without sex. Sex camel. That's a good one. Sex camel. I should write that one down.
Debra: Laugh it up, funny man.

Quote from Frank

Frank: Debra, what kind of con game are you running?
Marie: It's your own fault, Frank. Who told you to sign up for all those things?
Frank: I didn't expect to win this crap.
Debra: It's not crap, Frank.
Frank: Oh yeah? $80 for the use of a canoe. That is floating crap.
Marie: Some people would consider a canoe ride romantic.
Frank: Guess you didn't see Deliverance.

Quote from Frank

Marie: Frank, you're bidding on the pedicure? Why are you signing up for all these things?
Frank: Leave me alone, I'm just trying to drive the prices up.
Marie: You're just trying to be a big shot. Why don't you pick one little thing that you really like...
Frank: Hey, hey, hey, silent auction!