Carla Quote #159

Quote from Carla in They Called Me Mayday

Carla: That is the stupidest exercise system I ever saw.
Cliff: Yeah, stupid like a fox.
Norm: How do you keep so trim, Carla?
Carla: Sex.
Coach: You mean sex is the greatest exercise?
Carla: No. I miss it so much I can't eat.


 ‘They Called Me Mayday’ Quotes

Quote from Coach

Coach: Boy, I feel terrific.
Carla: Been exercising, Coach?
Coach: Yeah, I just came back from doing some laps in the pool.
Carla: How many are you up to?
Coach: Three. Takes about an hour.
Cliff: Coach, that's kind of slow, isn't it?
Coach: Well, I could run a hell of a lot faster if they got the water out of there.
Cliff: Well, you know what they say, Coach. Healthy body, healthy mind. Pick one you've got a good shot at.

Quote from Norm

Cliff: Hey, Normie, what's the long face for?
Norm: You guys don't know Wally like I do. He moves fast. I wonder if Vera will let me kiss the bride at their wedding.
Coach: I'm sure she will, Normie.
Norm: She didn't at ours. Course, I didn't try that hard.

Quote from Coach

Sam: Coach, we don't want to be bothered.
Coach: Who does?