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Quote from Woody in Woody Interruptus

Woody: I can't believe Kelly would be so mad at me just 'cause I stood up to Henri. It's like she's starting to like him better than me. Hey, Sam, you don't think that maybe they've been to...
Sam: To the back of the barn?
Woody: I was gonna say to bed together. What- What is the back of the barn? What does that mean? That- That's- That's where the compost heap is. I can't think of any place less romantic.


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Quote from Kelly

Kelly: Henri, you're gonna love this. Woody thinks you really are trying to steal me away from him.
Henri: Oh! [laughs] Oh, that's so funny. I am, you know. Right out from under your nose. [laughs]
Kelly: See how he is, Woody? He really cracks me up.
Woody: [laughs] Yeah, that's a good one. Now, I got one for you, Henri. Get your hands off my girlfriend.
Kelly: Henri, if you'll excuse us a moment. Woody, I think you were a little rude to Henri just now.
Woody: Yeah, well, I think Henri was a little rude, too.
Kelly: He's supposed to be rude; he's French.

Quote from Woody

Woody: Kelly's coming back from France.
Frasier: Ah! She's hopping the pond, eh?
Woody: The what?
Frasier: The pond. It's a reference to the Atlantic.
Woody: Uh, the Atlantic is an ocean, not a pond, Dr. Crane. How many of those have you had?
Frasier: Apparently, not enough.
Woody: Boy, I am really nervous. It seems like Kelly's been gone a year.
Frasier: How long has she been gone?
Woody: A year. Can I put some ice in that drink for you, Dr. Crane?

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Quote from The Last Picture Show

Cliff: So, uh, what'd I miss? Why- Why is that girl, uh, running around screaming at everybody?
Norm: Well, she's trying to convince them that, uh, that Godzilla's merely confused and not really trying to hurt them.
Cliff: Isn't that the part usually played by Akiro Nakamoto?
Norm: Yeah, yeah. But, uh, she left halfway through the Godzilla series.
Woody: I don't understand. Why would an actress leave right in the middle of a successful series?

Quote from Bar Wars VI: This Time It's for Real

Sam: Come on. It's a golden opportunity. We can win this time. We can steal all of Gary's best ideas and use 'em against this new guy. And you remember how Gary's always going first? We can learn from that. We can move first ourselves.
Frasier: Very good, Sam. As that famous prankster Santayana once said, "Those who do not learn from history are condemned to repeat it."
Woody: You got that right, Doctor Crane. Back in high school I was condemned to repeat History three times. By the way, the same goes for Mathematics.