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Quote from Carla in Father Knows Last

Carla: I'd had a really rotten day. I got stiffed twice. Sam bawled me out for something. You were here. I got soaked on the way home. By the time I got the kids locked in their rooms, I had really had it. So I sat down at the kitchen table, a bottle of Chianti. I just started thinking about how rotten my whole life was when I saw his face through the fog in the door window.
Diane: Who?
Carla: Nick, my ex-husband. Besides everything else, it was our anniversary.
Diane: I see.
Carla: But I was so down, I figured we could just talk for a while, you know? So we were drinking and remembering the couple of good times we had. It was the first laugh I had all day. He was wearing his black fishnet T-shirt. I could see his panther tattoo through the little holes. No woman could resist. With the rain and everything and the wine, I just got carried away.
Diane: Carla, this is the man you once referred to as "seepage".
Carla: Sure, Nick's disgusting, but he knows this spot on your earlobe. One nibble and you are a heaving mound of flesh.

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