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Quote from Sam in Teaching with the Enemy

Sam: Listen, I want to talk to you about the job for a minute. I want you to know it's not that we don't like having you here. It... It's just that, uh, well...
Tiny: Knock, knock.
Sam: I'm sorry. What?
Tiny: Knock, knock.
Sam: Who's there?
Tiny: The dead guy.
Sam: Oh, boy. The, uh, dead guy who?
Tiny: The dead guy that I killed. Get it?
Sam: [laughs] I thought I heard 'em all, man. Oh.
Tiny: So, uh, what were you saying about the job?
Sam: Uh, well, it was just that, uh, we... We were all talking and, uh... We have decided, uh, to make you the Employee of the Month.

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