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Quote from Lilith in Bar Wars III: The Return of Tecumseh

Sam: So you don't have any relatives or friends you can ask to watch the baby?
Frasier: Oh, I'd gladly ask my parents. Of course, they're dead. Well, as for friends, l... [looks around the bar] well...
Sam: Sorry. Stupid question.
Lilith: Frasier, good news. I finally found a woman with whom we can leave our baby for one night.
Frasier: Oh, great. Tell me about her.
Lilith: Well, she's 79 years old, she can't see her hands without her glasses, but she assures me she can smell smoke.
Frasier: Lilith, this is wonderful. At last we'll have a night alone together.
Lilith: Yes, it's just what we need. Our relationship is at a point where the rekindling of romance is both appropriate and welcome, to say nothing of timely.
Frasier: Stop, Lilith. You're getting me hot. [they walk out together]

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