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Quote from Carla in Death Takes a Holiday On Ice

Frasier: Carla... Carla, it's good to cry. It's cleansing. Try.
Father Barry: At this point of the service, I would like Mrs. LeBec to kindly step forward.
[Carla sobs and blows her nose with a handkerchief as she steps up. At that moment, another woman starts to cry, takes out a handkerchief and stands up. They momentarily stop weeping as they look at each other.]
Father Barry: I'm sorry. I meant his wife to step forward.
[Carla and the other woman both weep as they step forward. They once again stop weeping to look at each other.]
Father Barry: I meant his current wife.
[They both once again weep and step forward.]
Carla: Uh-oh.

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