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Quote from Tobias in Courting Disasters

Dusty: Just tell the story the way you told it to me earlier today. Beginning with what you were doing the night of the murder. [gasps] [grunts] Alleged murder. Alleged.
Tobias: Yes, yes. [takes deep breath] It was Cinco de Cuatro!
Dusty: No, no, no, I'm I'm gonna stop you there. I still feel you're acting.
Tobias: Really?
Dusty: A little. I do.
Tobias: Huh. So, just no script at all? Just vérité? Okay. Well, uh, here it is with nothing. I needed somebody to play a part in my "Fantastic" - for legal purposes, I can't say the rest of it - musical, and Buster happily filled in.

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