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Quote from Michael in Red Hairing

Narrator: Michael decided to head George Michael off before he could get to the club's lobby with a small lie.
Michael: [on the phone] Hey, buddy, it's Dad. Um, I am having real trouble getting up there. This traffic is unbelievable.
Narrator: Which led to a slightly bigger lie.
Michael: We got a light aircraft right in the middle of the freeway. You know?
Narrator: And then some effort to make it foolproof.
Michael: And the kicker is that there's no news crew. I mean, I guess they can't get in either 'cause of the traffic, so no one's going to be able to see this.
Narrator: But perhaps, had Michael not have lied, he wouldn't have felt suspicious when, moments later, he received a return call from his son...
George Michael: You know what? I bet we're sitting in the exact same traffic. This is a mess.
Narrator: ...canceling the get-together entirely.
George Michael: Oh, God, they're forcing us off. They're closing the lanes.

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