Harry Quote #609

Quote from Harry in The Big Giant Head Returns Again Part 2

Harry: You two know each other?
Janice: Well, yeah. I met Vicki at the mall today.
Harry: Well, what a small world! You know, I wonder who else I know knows someone I know that I don't know knows that person I know. You know?


 ‘The Big Giant Head Returns Again Part 2’ Quotes

Quote from Harry

Dick: Oh, I don't know what to do. I don't know what to feel. Who am I?!
Harry: Well, let me see. Your first name's Dick. Your new last name is Head, so I guess that would make...
Dick: Oh, my God.

Quote from Don

Don: I brought you a little somethin' for after the meal.
Sally: Oh, thanks. "People's exhibit B"?
Don: It came from a bakery we raided that was a front for a drug dealer. You might want to scrape off the powdered sugar before you serve it.

Quote from Dick

Dick: You guys know the Big Giant Head, right?
Sally: Yeah.
Harry: Uh-huh.
Dick: Well, you're not gonna believe this, but he's my... He's my father!
Sally: What?! No way!
Tommy: That's just like in Star Wars when Luke Skywalker finds out that Darth Vader's his father.
Dick: Oh, grow up, Tommy. That was popular entertainment. This is real life!