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Quote from Dick in Dick Strikes Out

Chancellor Duncan: Did you all get a chance to look at my little memo?
Dick: Yes, I'm afraid we have, and quite frankly-
Judith: Innovative.
Strudwick: I was gonna say groundbreaking.
Mary: Yeah.
Chancellor Duncan: Good, good, and thank you all for giving the new chancellor a... chance. [chuckles] [all laugh as Chancellor Duncan exits]
Dick: You know, I didn't notice it at first, but he's a delightful man.
Judith: He's a nightmare.
Strudwick: A monster.
Dick: Oh, I get it.
Chancellor Duncan: [returns] Did I leave my briefcase?
Mary: Oh, there it is, right there.
Judith: That's a gorgeous briefcase.
Strudwick: Very nice.
Dick: Take that hideous satchel and begone!
Chancellor Duncan: Oh, you must be Solomon.
Dick: The name is on the door. Read it on your way out!

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