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Quote from Dick in Dick Strikes Out

Dick: It's too late for fonts. What we need is action. We can't be afraid. Suter? You're afraid you'll lose your new office. Strudwick, you're afraid you'll lose your precious perks. Judith, you're afraid you'll die a lonely spinster surrounded by cats.
Strudwick: We're being cautious.
Dick: You're being sheep, but at least the noble sheep gives us warm sweaters. All your hides would provide are coward pants.
Judith: And you have a better idea?
Dick: We hit the chancellor where he lives. We threaten to resign en masse if we don't get what we want.
Strudwick: You mean a strike?
Dick: What? No. No, I'm calling it "The Mighty Professor Tornado of the 21st Century."
Strudwick: A strike.
Dick: Fine. We'll call it a strike.

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