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Quote from Dean in Where No Dean Has Been Before

Dean: I'm sorry I embarrassed you in front of your friends, but the truth is, I-I wasn't having fun.
Broderick: [sighs] Man. I was so happy when your parents broke up that party.
Dean: You were?
Broderick: Yeah, everyone was telling me and Keisa to go to the make-out room. It wasn't cool. She's a nice girl.
Dean: But they're your friends. Why didn't you just tell them to stop?
Adult Dean: In that moment, I realized that Broderick was not that different from me. He had the same insecurities I did about fitting in. And let's face it, if one of us was gonna lose his cool cred, it was a much steeper fall for him.
Dean: There's a new Star Trek tonight if you want to come watch.
Broderick: I can dig it. Did you hear? Franklin got busted for having a beer. He's grounded until the ninth grade.
Dean: Franklin? [sighs] Ah, Franklin, Franklin. I'm drawing a blank on his face.


 ‘Where No Dean Has Been Before’ Quotes

Quote from Dean

Lillian: What's wrong with being yourself?
Adult Dean: "Just be yourself." Ageless wisdom that's just as true now as it has ever been. Nah, buddy, she was gonna have to come harder than that today.
Dean: You kidding me?! You have no idea what seventh grade is like! That will never work! I've been myself all year, all my life, and where has it gotten me?
Bill: Watch your tone.
Lillian: [sighs] It's okay, Bill. Let him speak his mind.
Dean: And, of course, you would think "just be yourself" would work. You're always yourself, and people love you for it.
Bill: [to Lillian] The whooping window is closing. Pretty soon it's gonna be more for me than him.

Quote from Adult Dean

Adult Dean: Ah, the sweet, sweet smell of plastic model glue. I liked the smell so much, I only remember half the models I built with it. What was I saying?

Quote from Adult Dean

Dean: Sorry, Keisa, but Broderick already made plans to come to my house. If you still wanna see the U.S.S. Enterprise.
Broderick: Is that okay?
Keisa: I guess.
Adult Dean: That's right, Keisa. Your plans with your boyfriend just got Spock-blocked. [chuckles] Oh, please, come on, y'all know y'all liked that one.