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Quote from Adult Dean in Where No Dean Has Been Before

Dean: If it's really your favorite show, then prove it. What happens if you place a phaser to "stun" but you stand too close?
Adult Dean: That's right. I'm not as easy to impress as my weak-minded friends.
Broderick: It can still vaporize someone.
Adult Dean: He's right! Illogical!
Broderick: I see you know your stuff. [chuckles] I can dig it.
Cory: You know, Dean's working on a model kit for the U.S.S. Enterprise. It has 350 parts.
Broderick: Man, you're lucky. I've only seen those in the Sears catalog. Can I check it out?
Dean: To do that, you'd have to come to my house.
Adult Dean: [scoffs] Why in the world would I wanna fraternize with the enemy?

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