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Quote from Lillian in Where No Dean Has Been Before

Lillian: Dean, I wish those things you said about me were accurate, but they're not. I am not always true to myself. Like at dinner tonight, for example.
Bill: You were great. They loved you. I-Is this still about the dress? Because that didn't matter at all.
Lillian: I wish it ended up being as simple as whether or not to wear this dress, but the truth is, I was afraid to speak my mind about the deal they're making with this client.
Bill: Really? I thought you were fully on board.
Lillian: It's a horrible idea. The client is too big and the firm is too small to pull it off, not even with my help.
Bill: Well, I definitely couldn't have gotten that second dessert if you'd have said all that.
Dean: So you didn't say anything either?
Lillian: No. 'Cause I was making justifications every step of the way. Just to have a place in the firm. And it may not be seventh-grade hard, but... tomorrow, I'm going to talk to the partners and tell them the deal is a bad idea. And moving forward, I'm going to dress the way I want... and speak my mind, whether they like it or not. And if they're so progressive, they can handle it.
Bill: Let's drink to that. Does somebody want to explain why my whiskey tastes like root beer?
Dean: [nervous chuckle] I'm so proud of you, Mom.

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