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Quote from Dean in Green Eyed Monster

Adult Dean: The weekend after April 4, 1968, Black people all over the country attended memorial services for Dr. King. It was a time where, just like in life, he brought people together of all races to mourn our country's great loss. To those of us in Montgomery, where his civil-rights career began, it was a particularly difficult time.
Choir: ♪ His eye ♪ ♪ Is on the sparrow ♪ ♪ And I know He watches me ♪ ♪ Watches me ♪
Adult Dean: Families from our neighborhood gathered together to memorialize the great man. He was an idol. He was respected. He was eloquent. [laughing] He was gorgeous. [Dean is smiling as he looks at Keisa] He looked great in a black dress and stockings. S-Snap out of it, man. This isn't the time or place for looking at girls. This is a memorial for a hero, a noble man, a martyr. [Dean sees Cory sitting next to Keisa] A lying, conniving snake in the grass who'd kiss the girl you've loved since second grade behind your back! I couldn't help it. In spite of this solemn moment, all I was thinking about was seeing Keisa kissing my best friend. Please let there be a lesson from the pastor's words that will help me.
Pastor: Let us not give in to anger or revenge...
Woman: [o.s.] Yes.
Pastor: ...but remember the words of Dr. King himself... "Forgive those who inflict evil and injury upon us."
Adult Dean: Nope. Nothing. This is torture. But I guess it could have been worse. At least they weren't rubbing it in my face, being all lovey-dovey and holding hands.
Pastor: Everyone, please, take your neighbor's hand and pray.
[Dean sees Cory take Keisa's hand]
Dean: [shouts] Why, God, why?! [congregation murmuring]
Lillian: He's just a little sensitive.
Adult Dean: While Cory got to caress Keisa's soft, supple hand, I was stuck next to someone who looked like he'd been at Lincoln's memorial.
Dean: [to himself] Be strong. It'll be over soon.
Pastor: Let us all rise and sing the Negro National Anthem. [organ playing "Lift Every Voice And Sing"] You gotta be kidding me.
Adult Dean: Ugh! Why did songs about oppression have to be so long?

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