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Quote from Bruce in Where No Dean Has Been Before

Ernest: It just seems like another example of American imperialism, and guys like you are just pawns in a global chess game.
Kim: Uh, hold it right there. My brother is not a pawn. You have no idea the sacrifices he's made.
Adult Dean: Wow. I had never heard Kim defend Bruce like that before. I think Bruce was surprised, too.
Bruce: Look, there may be some truth to what you're saying, but y'all wasn't in the front lines. Trust me, doing this... [snaps fingers] ...doesn't stop bullets, and it doesn't save lives. But I apologize, man. I'm sorry. Um. [scoffs] I didn't mean for this to get so heated.
Ernest: Are you kidding? [chuckles] This has been a gas. You're a smart cat. And I meant no disrespect. You had every right to lay it on me. Next time, I'll keep it mellow.
Kim: Next time. Cool.

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