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Quote from Robert in The Incentive

Robert: Take a look at where you are. Where you once worked in a dying industry, you now work at its birth. Those superstores are terrified of us. Anybody know why?
Phyllis: Wait. They're terrified?
Robert: Let me tell you how I buy something these days. I know what I want, I go on the internet, I get the best price. Or I don't know what I want and I go to a small store that can help me. The era of personal service is back. You are back. You'll find that customers will pay our higher prices and then they will thank us, and we will say to them, "You are welcome." [Applause] Andrew, I chose you for a reason. Lead these people. Show me the best numbers this place has ever seen. Last quarter we saw 4% growth. Double it.
Andy: You got it.
Robert: Double.
Andy: Done.
Robert: I'm not kidding.
Andy: Neither am I. It's already done. [chuckling] I'm just kidding, it's going to take some time.
Robert: Double.

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