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Quote from Michael Scott in The Surplus

Michael Scott: Well, we have a surplus. Imagine that your parents give you money for a lemonade stand-
Hank: I know what a surplus is.
Michael Scott: Okay, good. Good. Well, here's the thing. Some people want to use the surplus to buy a new copier. Other people are complaining about the chairs.
Hank: Is that the copier?
Michael Scott: It is, yes.
Hank: Mmm.
Michael Scott: What?
Hank: Just thinking. Let me see a chair.
Pam: You can try mine.
Michael Scott: There we go.
Hank: Huh. Not much lumbar support.
Michael Scott: Now, everyone, bear in mind once again that whatever Hank says goes. He is an impartial third party.
Hank: On the one hand, this copier is very old. You should see some of the new copiers they have. You would not believe what they do.
Michael Scott: So the copier.
Hank: Let me finish. Now the chairs. The chairs are very weak. Very weak chairs. I could not sit all day in this chair.
Michael Scott: Well, what should I do?
Hank: Let me see the copier again.
Michael Scott: All right, get out. Get out.

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