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Quote from Brad in The Other Man

Brad: So, Sean never called or texted or anything since New Year's Eve?
Sue: No. And why would he? I mean, the last thing he saw was me kissing Aidan. [sighs] I don't know. Maybe Hecks and Donahues just aren't meant to be together.
Brad: Hey, at least you got kissed on New Year's. That's one more kiss than I got, if you don't count the old lady who thought I was Clay Aiken. Oh. "BTdubs," Aidan's nothing to sneeze at. He's really cute. Twist left.
Sue: Yeah. No, no, no, he's totally cute, and we have fun together. But, you know, Sean's kiss was like, "Ahh!" And Aidan's kiss is like, "Eh."
Brad: Listen to me, you are 10 years too young to settle for "eh." Until things start sagging, you hold out for "ah."

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