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Quote from Nancy Donahue in The 200th

Nancy: Knock, knock! Sorry to barge in, but we have big news, and it just couldn't wait! I'm sorry, we're not interrupting dinner, are we?
Frankie: No, we're almost done.
Nancy: Anyway, we didn't know if you saw, so we thought we'd be the first ones to tell you.
Ron: Orson made the list of the top 200 most livable cities!
Frankie: [gasps] In America?
Ron: No, Indiana!
Sue: Oh, my God! What number were we ranked?
Nancy: 200. It's the first time we made the list! It's right here in Distinctly Indiana Magazine. Looks like we bumped Porterdale off the list from last year. You know, they had that big kerfuffle about the diving board at the municipal pool.

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