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Quote from Axl in The Other Man

Axl: We just walked out with the account, and all because I noticed the owner was a Cub fan. Dwayne was blown away.
Mike: Man, that's great. On the first day. I can't believe it!
Frankie: What? Can't believe what?
Axl: And then he says he doesn't think I'm gonna even need the whole two weeks of training. Says I could be flying solo by Thursday.
Mike: That's my boy. [After Mike and Axl high-five, Frankie holds up her hand expectantly to no result]
Frankie: So, tell me all about it. Start at the beginning.
Axl: Uch. I am fried. I just told Dad the whole story. He'll tell you.
Frankie: No, he won't.
Axl: Probably not.
Frankie: Just tell me what Dwayne said.
Axl: Look it's all good, all right? I'm gonna crash. Thanks for the advice, Dad. [they clink beer bottles]
Mike: More where that came from.
Frankie: Yeah, I'm here if you need me. I-I'm in sales, too. Today I sold some guy teeth whitening that he didn't need. Oh, once, I accidentally sold a c... [door slams] Tell him later.

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