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Quote from Axl in The 200th

Sue: Ugh. Okay... boss. The HR guy at Jackson Plumbing Supply has your number. He'll call to FaceTime you. All you have to do is pick up. All right?
Axl: Okay, great. Here's a list of other people I sent my résumé to, if you could just follow up with them and make sure they got it?
Sue: Axl, no! I helped you out once, but I am done. You're on your own.
Axl: Whoa! Hey! Come on, Sue. Don't you get it? When they thought I had an assistant, they set up the meeting. I mean, think about it. Who are you gonna call back... the guy who makes 25 cents over minimum wage at Spudsy's or the guy who has an assistant?
Sue: [gasps] You make 25 cents over minimum wage?
Axl: See? The world's unfair, Sue. That's why you got to take every advantage you can get.
Sue: Axl, no! I'm sorry, but I'm not lying for you. At Lexie's lake house, her mom made us daiquiris, and even though I'm not 21 yet, I had a little sip and I liked it! I can't afford to have anything else go against me in the eyes of the Lord.
Axl: Okay, well, think about it this way. What if, for helping your brother out, when you get to Heaven, they give you a sweet angel job.
Sue: You mean like taking care of pets whose owners haven't arrived yet?
Axl: Yep, they're gonna let you right in. That is, if they recognize you without a head.

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