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Quote from Frankie in Halloween VII: The Heckoning

Mike: Look, this whole conversation is pointless because nobody's getting divorced.
Frankie: Don't be so sure. You know why they want to live with you. 'Cause they know nothing about you.
Mike: Huh.
Frankie: No, I'm serious. What do we really know about him? Hmm? Once a week he eats sardines on crackers and he likes the Colts. Don't you see what's happening here? He's winning because he's silent. He's a statue. I'm the one who tells him, "Go talk to your son. See how your daughter likes college." He's a puppet. I'm just sticking my hand up there and making him talk. I'm Wayland Flowers and he's Madame.
Kids: Who?
Frankie: The ventriloquist on the Hollywood Squares.
Sue: What's Hollywood Squares?
Axl: What's a ventriloquist?
Frankie: Okay, I'm the one who's always done everything for you. I wiped your noses. I wiped your butts. [scoffs] You know what? Go ahead. You want to live with your dad, live with your dad. But guess what. He doesn't like to shop, so all that stuff you're eating right there, I'm just gonna take it away. Yep. That's right. This is what it's like living with your dad. Sardines and silence. So, that's what you guys want, well, then you can be... April. [chuckling] Hey. Just serving the family breakfast. Kind of a Monday morning tradition. [chuckles] Here you go. Here you go, sweetheart.

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