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Quote from Frankie in Halloween VII: The Heckoning

Frankie: Well, listen, it's okay. I get it. Nobody wants to live with the big mean mom monster. 'Cause we're always like, "Brush your teeth! Do your homework! Flush!" [chuckles] Yeah. I guess that's just the way it's always been. Moms always get the raw end of the deal, right, April?
April: I'd definitely go with my mom. We're best friends.
Axl: Aww.
Frankie: Well, this is a fun conversation. [chuckles] No, that's what I love about my family. We can just be who we are and razz each other. We're a family of razzers. It's funny, 'cause we'd never get divorced anyway. I mean, neither of us would have an affair. We're too tired. Am I right? [Mike is silent] [laughs] No, seriously, I'm fine. It's not like we're asking you guys to say which one of us you love more. You don't have to answer that!

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